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We are professional wear resistant steel ,Bulletproof steel and High strength steel suppliers;

Wear resistant steel plate : NM360, NM400, NM450, NM500, NM550, NM600 ,NM650 ;

Bulletproof steel plate :FD1 ,FD2 ,FD3 ,FD4 ;603(30CrMnMoRE) GY4(28Cr2Mo)GY5(26SiMnMo) 675(30CrNi3MoV)

High strength steel plate:S590Q,Q550D,WQ590D,S690Q,S690QL,WQ690D,S690QL1,WDB620E,WH785E ; 

Our steel plate cover mining equipment, cement machinery, metallurgical machinery, construction equipment, Marine equipment, power equipment, port equipment, transportation, and general machinery manufacturing and other industries, the company steel plate processing factory can according to user requirements for cutting the semi-finished products and special-shaped products, at the same time can transport agents.

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